Theatre performance which combines physical theatre with music and elements of puppet theatre.

DRAMATURGY Ondřej Novotný
SCENIC DESIGN Lucie Pangrácová a Julia Korotkova
MUSIC Eugeny Klimin
DRUMS David Císařovský
Premiere: 25.9.2022 at Theatre X10

The performance is an ironic parable about a soldier who, even though he hadn't wanted to, ended up in a war. The story of a soldier enables Povilaitis to reflect his own feelings provoked by the Russian aggression. The performance tries to seek answers to the following questions: how far can we go before realising that we are always responsible for the violence we commit? How can we step out of our filter bubbles? If we don't directly take part in something, does it mean that we are not responsible for it even if it's done in our name? The Eastern political scientist Vladimir Pastukhov stated: "The path to a reverse metamorphosis of a Russian zombie into a man is a path of complex atonement and self-discovery. The Russians don't need to love the Ukrainians but themselves. Only after they learn to treat each other like human beings, will they start to feel someone else's pain. This won't be possible until the nation takes a look in the mirror, sees its reflection and is horrified by it. That won't happen all by itself. A person needs to put a mirror where the television stands now." The performance combines physical theatre with music and elements of puppet theatre.

The project is a result of collaboration between the Rekultur production platform, Theatre X10, the Divadelní festival Kutná Hora and is supported by the State of Culture of the Czech Republic.