✶✶ O P E N    C A L L  ✶✶

The European group United Cowboys and the production platform Rekultur are looking for collaborators for a project to be realized in Prague between 21 August and 1 September 2024. Applications in the form of a CV, visual materials and a brief motivation (can be in the form of text in an email) should be sent by June 15 to:


⇨ Biotope in Gothenburg, Sweden

⇨ and in Sofia, Bulgaria.


⇨ Professional artists of different disciplines, ages and backgrounds to collaborate on the international production Biotop.

⇨ To participate in the co-creation we recommend having experience in art (in any form), an affinity with physicality, movement and a desire to explore new paths and approaches.

⇨ A background in dance is an advantage, but not a strict requirement. Performers, mime artists, musicians and visual artists are also welcome to apply.


⇨ 21 August - 1 September 2024

⇨ New Libeň Synagogue, Lenka Vagnerova & Co's Studio, Prague


⇨ 21 August - 24 August workshop for up to 10 participants led by the United Cowboys' mastermind duo: Pauline Roelants and Maarten van der Put; the workshops will take place in Prague at the Studio of Lenka Vagnerová & Co.

⇨ 24. Aug. / 25. Aug selection of 4 participants for the next stage of the collaboration.

⇨ 25 Aug - 29 Aug. co-creation with the entire United Cowboys team, which will be supplemented by 5 European dancers; this phase will take place at the New Libeň Synagogue in Prague.

⇨ 30 and 31 August presentation of work in progress for the public (Nová Libeň Synagogue).

⇨ 1 September premiere of the production (New Libeň Synagogue).

⇨ November 2024 further performances.

⇨ the workshop is free of charge, there is no fee.

⇨ rehearsals and public performances will be honored.

⇨ the workshop and rehearsals will be in English. Knowledge of English is an advantage.

⇨ more information about the project concept and its dramaturgy at the end of the document.


⇨ We are looking for a diverse group of participants in terms of skills, age and background; we start with the motto that we are a group of individuals.

⇨ Applications in the form of a CV, visual materials and a brief motivation (can be in the form of text in an email) should be sent to:

⇨ Applications should be sent by 15 June 2024.


⇨ by 30 June 2024.

⇨ The workshop is for a limited number of 10 participants.

⇨ We will inform all interested parties about the results.


Biotope is a live concept by United Cowboys in which the group explores the mentality of the dancer/performer as well as the audience. What does the performer focus on in the moment, when there are no clearly defined playing boundaries, nor a fixed audience; where does the spectator look and for how long, now that they have neither a fixed place nor a defined time slot.

Since 2014, United Cowboys has been creating biotopes - self-contained environments - in which dancers, performers and musicians are present in a specific location. The project is redefining the space. Audiences can walk around, observe and absorb this world from all angles. The viewer can stop to watch, can move on, get out and come back again. The performers guide the audience, within fixed rules and dramaturgy, offering the audience a certain freedom. There is no fixed time limit; the duration is based on the specific realization and location. Biotope lasts between 4.5 and 5 hours; the concept itself is infinite.


We explore, manage and create living art in which people are central; literally physically and mentally; translated into temporal images. We consider it important to emphasize the human physical dimension in the age of technology, the internet and digitized dialogues. We encourage tangibility and the use of the senses in these live experiences. We contrast the one-dimensionality of digital information and exposure with truthfulness and (our chosen) vulnerability; we believe that observation and experience are the right way to acquire, learn and develop knowledge. We also believe that in this day and age, we should encourage movement towards, not away from, ourselves. We believe in gathering relationships because our work enables a process in which special knowledge can be acquired, so the final product can no longer be seen as a static entity, but as an open entity that continues to evolve and continually builds new relationships. Every discussion with a partner/region forces us to make a statement - however small - about meaning.


Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants will continue their exploration of the performance mentality, corporeality as a language and means of dialogue in this workshop. The purpose is to become aware of the body in relation to space and energy.

During the four-day workshop, Pauline and Maarten will first present to all participants the methodology behind the Biotop project:

Day 1: This highly physical co-creation begins by introducing the tools for a radical stage presence that relates to the challenging balance between vulnerability and power.

Working on individual skills in relation to presence is the basis of the first day - getting to know each other and exploring the space. Giving space and receiving space.

Day 2: From this introduction, all participants are invited to "defend" their individual territory. A challenge to body, space and energy. Individual profiles, as a result of the introduction, will be the basis for a guided and structured improvisation at the beginning. This day will be in the spirit of finding freedom within constraints.

Day 3:
We will put the moment between the decision to move and the movement itself as close to ourselves as possible. In this way, we will complement the improvisation with conscious inner attention.

Day 4: We connect the head, heart and body. The further we go, the more freedom and space we get. The improvisation will lengthen and work its way to a sense of infinity.

After this introduction, we will select 4 participants who will be invited to further collaborate on the creation of the production. The group will be joined by the United Cowboys dancers and together they will build a Prague habitat in the New Libeň Synagogue in Prague over 4 days.